Lapis are special materials that you need to limit break your equipment.
There are many different types of Lapis: the regular Lapis, Rainbow Lapis, Arc Lapis, and High Lapis. Depending on the rank of your equipment, the type and quantity of Lapis needed to limit break will be different.
To find out what type and how many Lapis you need to limit break:
1. Go to "Armory".
2. Tap the equipment you wish to limit break.
3. Tap "Enhance".
4. Tap "Limit Break".
5. At the bottom of the screen, look at the type and quantity of Lapis you need for limit breaking.
 You can also tap the Lapis to check what equipment or Tablets you need to sell to obtain them.
If you have the right Lapis but you are still having trouble with limit breaking, chat with us in-game (icon at top-right corner of support screen) or contact our Customer Support with the following information:
  • The equipment you wish to limit break
  • The type and quantity of the Lapis you currently have