There are several ways that Hunters can gather materials to enhance their equipment. Hunters can gather materials by defeating monsters in the field, defeating Behemoths, and by participating in events.
Gathering materials in the field:
You can get materials when you're out on the field by defeating monsters.
1. Attack monsters                          
2. A chest may drop from defeated monsters
3. Attack the chest
4. Obtain the material
Gathering materials through harvest points:
1. Points that can be harvested will sparkle.
2. Once you get near the harvest point, a symbol will appear.
3. Tap the screen once you see the symbol to begin harvesting and obtain the material.
Gathering materials by defeating Behemoths:
Defeated Behemoths will drop materials that you need to upgrade equipment sets.
Make sure to destroy Behemoth parts to increase the chances of getting materials.
Gathering materials by participating in events:
By accomplishing event missions, you can get materials and equipment that you won't get anywhere else.
1. Visit Linton when you're in the town to check all available events. New events will be indicated if there are any.
2. Clearing some event missions will reward you with materials.