Quest Summon is one of the two types of summoning in Dragon Project, the other being Magi Summon. Quest Summon lets a player and three other Hunters to go on a Quest to fight a random Behemoth.
To start a Quest Summon, follow these steps:
1. Open the circle icon found on the bottom right of your screen and then tap "Summon".
2. If you're in the Magi Summon screen, Tap "To Behemoths" to switch to the Quest Summon screen. If you're already at the Quest Summon screen, you can either spend 25 Gems (or 5 summon tickets) to summon one Behemoth or 250 Gems (or 50 summon tickets) to summon 11 Behemoths.
3. Once you've summoned a Behemoth, you can choose to fight it right away and start the Quest or hunt it later by visiting Axel in Town.
Starting a Quest and defeating Behemoths will help you earn Tablets—rare materials required in making stronger equipment!