The weapons in Dragon Project are categorized into five classes, each having their own individual characteristics and Special Actions.
Sword & Shield
Special Action: Guard
The Sword & Shield is ideal for players with a defensive strategy. Its Special Action: Guard lets players block enemies' blows and release a powerful counterattack instantly after guarding.
Great Sword
Special Action: Cleave
The Great Sword is a two-handed weapon with a destructive swing, but its heavy weight may burden the player's movement. With its Special Action: Cleave, the great sword can inflict even greater damage to enemies.   
Dual Blades
Special Action: Frenzy
For players who crave for high-speed action, Dual Blades are the best choice. Its Special Action: Frenzy lets players unleash an aerial attack that overwhelms enemies with multiple continuous hits.
Special Action: Lunge                                              
A tactical weapon, the Spear has a long reach that lets player deal melee damage outside their opponent's range. Players who wield spears can also launch high-speed charge attacks toward their enemies with its Special Action: Lunge. 
Special Action: Snipe Shot
Snipe Shot: Field                   
Snipe Shot: Behemoth Battle
Damage Over Time
Bows let players deal damage from afar. Its Special Action: Snipe Shot launches a deadly arrow that can leave damage over time.
You can try out each of these weapons and find the best one that suits your style.