Here's a quick guide to playing Dragon Project.

Slide to move
Slide your finger anywhere on the screen to the direction you want your character to go.
Flick to dodge
To dodge enemy attacks, flick your finger across the screen quickly and watch your character roll forward, backward, or sideways, depending on the direction you are swiping towards.

Tap to attack
When you tap anywhere on the screen, your character automatically attacks the closest opponent within its range. There's no need to tap directly on the opponent.

Tap and hold to unleash your weapon's Special Action
Each weapon has a Special Action: Guard for Swords & Shields, Cleave for great swords, Frenzy for dual blades, Lunge for spears, and Snipe Shot for bows. Tap and hold to unleash the Special Action.

Approach to interact
When playing Dragon Project, you will meet the many interesting residents of Heiland, such as Pamela the Guild Assistant, Boldon the Blacksmith, Sylvie the Alchemist, and more! Move near them to start a conversation.